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My name is Peter Osborne (AKA Pedro) I was born on the 25th of October 1958 in a rural village at Bonalbo , in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, Australia . I am one of 5 children. I was number 5 of the 5. Lee. Gordon. Doug. John. Peter . Son of Violet Rose and Robert Gordon Osborne a devoted Freemason ,In 1959 mum and dad sold what we had in Bonalbo to move over the range to the East Coast for a better life again as a family with all the relatives in the area. My family has a strong military history as well some colorful parts larrikin elements growing up.

I have been married twice 1st Ann Marie Crotty of Kyogle, 2nd Josephina Elena Alvarado from El Salvador Central America , I have 4 wonderful kids Kirsten , Jacob, Jessica, Joshua , 2 Grandkids Cooper and Lucas , Unfortunately my second wife and I have lost a daughter in early child birth which plays on our minds from time to time.

I went to school at Evans Head public then onto Woodburn High at the heads after school in the early days I would work at a local shop Snowy Burns Café as shop assistant; my job was to take care of the shelves and polish the Australian Rowing trophy proudly displayed on the shop floor. As an 8 year old I would also work with my brother Doug and local builder norm rose, carrying materials for two shillings a day and helping father with the milk and paper runs we had. Later in life running a very successful business in building inspections for many years  in Sydney.


Home of the Bundjalung Aboriginal people the first Australians. In pre-colonial times, Bundjalung Nation encompassed some of the richest hunting and fishing grounds anywhere on the Australian continent. According to the oral traditions of the Bundjalung People, these areas were first settled by the Three Brothers and their descendants.

European discovery

On 15 May 1770, the coast in the vicinity of Evans Head was first mapped and described by Lieutenant James Cook FRS RN of the United Kingdom on the HMS Endeavour

Captain Tom Paddon, born in England in 1841, was the European founder of the Evans Head settlement. He led an adventurous life, sailing to Australia in a windjammer, joining in the gold rushes in the South Island of New Zealand, then back to Australia to become one of the shipping pioneers who provided the only means of transport and communication between the North Coast outposts of settlement and the metropolis. Incidentally, the Evans River is named after a Lieutenant Evans who was on a ship making a coastal survey, and which was commanded by Captain Paddon.

Undoubtedly it was the war which gave a great and sudden impetus to the development of the district. Here was one of the great Air Force Training schools, and through it passed many, many thousands of fine young men. In later years many of these or their relatives were to return to the district.

About 1946 too, the Fishermen's Co-operative was formed, and toward the end of that year, or the beginning of 1947 came the introduction of deep-sea trawling for prawns. It is generally conceded that the pioneers of this industry were Evans Paddon and Tom Norton, son and son-in-law of Jim Paddon. With the introduction of this activity came the development of Evans Head as one of the great prawning centres of the world. Rapidly the industry grew and at times 50 trawlers have operated out of the Heads. To see the boats crossing the bar, and a dangerous crossing it is too at times, is to see something of the utmost grace and beauty.

The true facts concerning the habits and history of the prawn are almost as elusive as the precious metal that first led to the settlement of the district, but one thing seems certain, that floods bring the prawns out of the rivers. Those who remember the floods of 1954 and the record catches that followed will recall the busy period that came. Prawns were sent by road, and flown out by air. The trawlers were given quotas, so huge were the quantities caught.

New grounds have been charted and now the industry is more itinerant. Boats move to Southport, to the Clarence, to the newly discovered Tin Can Bay area of Queensland, and to other grounds. The introduction of two-way wireless, echo-sounding apparatus and other such things have lessened the hazards of the industry, but still the life of a fisherman calls for a stout heart and strong arms.

The Heads is a popular tourist area. At holiday times every available campsite and flat is occupied by those who have come for a rest away from the hustle and bustle of the more highly commercialised resorts. Long clean beaches, good fishing, great motorcycling area safe swimming and boating for the children, tennis, bowls and golf. Plenty of watering holes.


The story of the school, too, is one of rapid development. Mr. Cashmore, tutor to the Paddon boys, may be regarded as the pioneer educationist of the district. But as Mr. Dick Paddon will tell you, the boys were always too tired to learn after the difficult tasks of the day and they could not get the full benefit of their tutor's teaching. Mr. Cashmore wrote several poems and articles dealing with the district.

Some efforts were made as early as March, 1911 to obtain a provisional school. Indeed, in that year two acres of land were granted as a school site. It was not until 1920 that the first school building was erected. This was a portable classroom, removed from elsewhere and erected at a cost of £253. Mr. Edmund Kemp appointed in October, 1920, was the first teacher. In 1935 an additional room was added. These two rooms, the dividing wall has been removed, form the present kindergarten unit.

After the war an R.A.A.F. unit was brought in and remodelled as an extra classroom. This building is now the library. A school residence was next erected, and this was completed early in 1950. Mr. A. Tate was the first headmaster to occupy the residence. In 1955 a unit comprising two classrooms, staff room and store room was erected at a cost of £3,234. This building was opened by the Hon. R. J. Heffron. M.L.A., Minister for Education on July 21, 1955. This year another classroom has been completed and occupied. The school buildings form an attractive block in the heart of the village.

Teachers In charge, with the year of appointment have been Mr. Kemp 1920, Miss Goldsmith 1921, Mr. Salter 1922, Mr. Dennerley 1927, Mr. Dedman 1935, Mr. Oakden 1948, Mr. Tate 1950, and Mr. Reynolds 1954.


The founding of Easyriders Australia Social Motorcycle Club was formed following Gordon Osborne’s (Aka Gordy) death as mark of RESPECT to a Lost brother who was killed on the Doonbah straight between Evans Heads and Woodburn 1/1/1970.. He was such an inspiring person and that was really reflected in his diversity with of the old school bikers .Renowned by those close to him for his charitable acts to those in need.

At the Illawong Hotel 1975 three brother's Doug, John, Peter (Osborne) got together from that meeting a draft Constitution was adopted and established the Easyriders Australia Social Motorcycle Club with former biker mates with the simple motto of, Trust, Brotherhood, and Respect helping those less advantaged.At this historic meeting the drawings of our original colours were chosen from several designs.

The idea grew and others have joined in. Over four decades Easyriders have helped countless charities and individuals in need. There are literally hundreds of stories of how the club has helped others we have now became friends of the community worldwide bringing joy to thousands of people.

In the early days of Easyriders we rode with the Norseman from QLD , Lance Aka BSA ( R.I.P) and Rex Schneider which were long time family friends of The Osborne Family we went to school with them great family as were many in the local area bikes were in the blood .

OSBORNE family homes were located at , Heath Street and Davis Lane Evans Heads, followed by swan bay near Woodburn . Various club members would drop into to catch up over the years plan rides and events , We always welcomed those that road, The Norseman would rolled into town partied had a great time at a place called the gums’ a place to get shit faced or do whatever the hell you liked sadly miss those days and the people involved.

Evans Head Originals : Geoff Bodley, Geoff O’Rourke, Lance Foster, Doug Osborne R.I.P (Horse) John Osborne,(Little John) and Peter Osborne.(Pedro) Barry Cornwell (Fang) Lance ( BSA) Rex Schneider from the Norsemen MC for a historical review of the exploits and accomplishments a plenty .

The Norseman faded away somewhat never heard of them again not sure where they are today , however we associated numerous riders at the Rod and Reel hotel at Woodburn “Filthy Few” Hells Angels back in the day a couple of blokes around at that time with pan heads Harley riders total party animals . Christian clubs , social club , local riders as much as possible and those clubs on the fringe such as the Nomads National President Metho Tom RIP "The King of Blacktown" to many this was a man who despite his 'tough as nails' exterior, possessed an absolute heart of gold we also hanged with other clubs such as Jokers from Grafton. Black Uhlans Rebels ,Bandidos at shows and events again not sure if many originals are alive these days.

As far as old pics go we have some taken at the heads but pics never were a big deal in 1975 people regarded that shit as private and we respected that. But as the club has grown over the years we have now have a huge amount of recordings in print, media and images proud history moments of the members doing what we do best. 

Really appreciated SBS 2 Russian media  foreign agencies & Richmond River Express Examiner. Live to Ride. Oz Bike , Channel 10 and others internationally for your interest into the club over the years as we expand into various countries these days we have attracted great interest and support with a  well documented truthful history something that others ''Dreamers and patch collectors wish for " we all know these type of people .

FACT: We have members buried with our insignia at the Evans Head Cemetery denim cuts club originals speaks for itself really and others worldwide in various countries may they all rest in peace forever. 

The club and I always donate to kids with cancer, we also raised money for the various organisations and worthy causes.

The club has always worked hard and given back to community all I want is to be able to see the future generation enjoy the club as much as we have over the past 40 years for the betterment of Motorcycling and mateship and family.

All riders,All types of bikes or  trikes . Bring the entire family, you dont even have to ride to belong we have supporters and you're more than welcome  in any capacity. We are old skool and have tried and tested values to match we don't tolerate drama queens or trouble makers .

By joining the club, a member can choose to attend any chapter or a number of chapters, rides and functions. If you travel overseas, there are also Easyriders and supporters in Australia, New Zealand,Russia, South Africa, Germany, Great Britain, Central America , Philippines,Holland ,Thailand.America .

So opportunity exists to make new friends as you travel around. Join in a local ride, or attend a social gathering in a different location just for fun!

“I hope our legacy will inspire others to do the great and selfless work within the brotherhood of Bikers in the years ahead for generations to come.

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Yours sincerely
Peter Osborne Aka Pedro #1 

Club Founder